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Rainwater Harvesting

There are many ways on how to use eco-friendly solutions to reduce water consumption and to make your landscape safer from rainwater runoffs. One of the ways is to use a rainwater harvesting system. Harvesting rainwater is a useful option for solving water-related issues in both residential and commercial properties. As the need for treated water increases, many property owners are harvesting rainwater to save on water supply and money while reducing the impact on the environment. At East Coast Landscape Design, Inc., we can design and install this particular system on your property. Armed with the knowledge of its components and functions, our team of professional installers can construct a reliable harvesting system for your home or commercial property. Call us now at (301) 421-4141

Why Install a Rainwater Harvesting System?

Rainwater harvesting is simply capturing rain- or storm-water runoffs often from the rooftop and storing them for later use. The stored and treated rainwater can be used in many beneficial ways like in landscape irrigation, vehicle washing, watering gardens, drinking water, and flushing toilets. With regular maintenance, a rainwater harvest system can become a sustainable non-potable water source for many years to come.

Efficient Rainwater Harvesting Design

A rainwater harvesting system must be installed by an expert installer like us to ensure its proper functioning. The system often consists of four key components:

  • Cistern. It is an underground tank or reservoir that stores runoffs for future use. You can choose plastic or metal cistern, depending on your budget. For plastic cistern tanks, they can be colored with paint coats to prevent algae growth. The cistern we install is based on your needs and requirements. We consider the tank’s size and type and recommend the perfect location where it should be installed.

  • Gutter system. It collects rooftop runoffs and directs the water to the cistern. Gutter systems are designed to efficiently eliminate water from the rooftop and gutter through several downspouts.

  • Overflow pipe. It discharges excess runoffs from the cistern in a more safe and controlled way.

  • Outlet pipe. It has an opening that is connected to a pump where it pulls water from the bottom of the cistern for storage or immediate use.

East Coast Landscape Design, Inc. guarantees the efficiency and reliability of the rainwater harvesting system that we design and install. We understand Maryland’s plumbing codes, so we know what type of plumbing fixtures can be used on your system. By harvesting rainwater, you will be able to save huge on your utility bills and help the environment. Contact us today and let our carefully designed system become the primary water source of your plants, landscaping, and other water needs.

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