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Outdoor Fireplaces

East Coast Landscape Design, Inc. can create custom-designed outdoor fireplaces for our Maryland clients. We are experienced installers, so we know the right methods and techniques to use when working on our client’s landscape. For a more formal style, an attached outdoor fireplace can provide a combination of fresh air and warm fire to outdoor gatherings while complementing an outdoor kitchen or patio. For a more casual approach, portable fireplaces or fire pits can be placed anywhere in a landscape. They can be installed nearby swimming pools or cabanas. These movable fireplaces can even be set at the corner of your yard to warm up a peaceful, relaxing evening retreat.

Customized Outdoor Fireplaces

When designing and installing outdoor fireplaces, there are several factors we consider. Here are some of them:

  • the type of fuel (wood or gas),
  • the location of the fireplace in your yard (should be a safe distance away from your home or trees and must be on level ground)
  • the cost (whether you opt for an outdoor stone fireplace or a smaller fire pit)
  • the type of fireplace (do you want it to be a portable unit? A standalone assembly? or a permanent structure?)

We can build and install the kind of fireplace that will suit your personal preference. There are also colors and patterns available for you to choose from. We ensure that the materials used on your feature will complement with the style of your house.

Long-lasting Fire Features

Our expert team at East Coast Landscape Design, Inc. is capable of installing long-lasting fire features on your property. We will create a sturdy design like using the correct hearth for safety purposes and top-notch materials for quality. We keep in mind your safety, so we make sure that our outdoor fireplaces are built with safety features. Moreover, we recommend stone fireplaces for their long-lasting qualities. These stones and boulders, whether manufactured or real, complement a property’s architecture in unique ways and are known for their durability. They are also weatherproof, so they will not fade or discolor easily even exposed to heavy rain, snowstorms or blazing heat.

Outdoor fireplaces produce dynamic, comforting ambience, thus providing a delightful display of nature's light source and energy throughout your landscape. Call us today at (301) 421-4141 and let us install the perfect fireplace that will give warmth and natural light in your garden or landscaped property. We offer our design and build services at reasonable rates.

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Outdoor Fireplaces & Firepits
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Outdoor Fireplaces & Firepits
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